Announcing METS16

METS or the Maynooth Education Technology Showcase began in 2011 as a way to make time and space for student teachers to explore the latest developments in educational technology. Re-conceived as  a “Carnival of Creative Learning” the day is a colourful way to ‘conjure up’ creative ideas in a fun setting. The video below made by VideoWorks captures the day better than any written text could:

METS16 is a collaboration between the Education Department and the Centre for Teaching and Learning in Maynooth University and we are grateful for the support of the PDST Technology in Education.

Sincere thanks to the generosity of these sponsors and to the creativity and professionalism of the workshop facilitators without whom this amazing Ed Tech extravaganza would simply not be possible! Among them, too numerous to name, are current students, recent Maynooth University graduates, teachers and pupils as well as colleagues from PDST Technology in Education.

Now we invite you to dress up and join us for the 2015 METS Carnival at 9:30 am (sharp!) on Wednesday, 16th March 2016. Trust me, METS16 is guaranteed to brighten your day, improve your teaching and make you happy! 🙂


… PS there are some VERY EXCITING PRIZES to be won this year for best costume!

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